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Another nice side effect of this method is that you won’t have issues with path incompatibilities (causing your Kodi library import to fail) if you’ve changed your sharename, have multiple Kodi clients etc. 🙂 First off, you’re going to need to do a library scan from the internet, once, as per normal. Click or press Enter on the Add source item and add a media source if you don’t already have one.Ensure you go into “Set Content” and change the item, “This directory contains” to Movies or whatever content you have in your source.(To do this make sure you’re viewing your files sorted by name).

At this point you should be seeing a screen with Movies, Recently added movies and Playlists on it.I got tired of waiting for my large collection to download every time I did an upgrade or removed a Kodi source/share.And it wasn’t too hard to figure out a way around it.We are not responsible for any content you choose to have on your device. Actually, this guide does away with exporting and importing mostly.

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