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His name is Marcus and within an hour of meeting him for the first time I had sucked his beautiful cock… Fresh meat in Woking I gave it that title because it's a comment my gf said to me while telling me about her and her friends night away to see a show in Woking They saw Joseph I can't stand musicals so she went with her friend They are the same age 47 Both slim and attractive Her friend is single mum after her divorce She Doesn't get out much so makes the most of it when she does . It started when Karen who’s 23, 5’2”, very pretty and has a decent pair of tits was teasing me because she kept catching me glancing at her chest as men do. The Provident Lady also an L this time her name was Linda . O) but there is something about the bored wife/housewife which gets my attention. My wife and I have been on hols to Canary Islands with my sister and brother-in-law.

Anyway, I was in my drive and the next door neighbour had a visitor, a lad… During the second week my wife and sister went on this hen night with a few friends of theirs. My wife has gone off sex which is a problem as I need relief regularly. Anyway my mate has leant me a covert camera that takes a photo when it detects a movement its inside a radio and works via wifi so you can watch it on your phone . I just visited Japan recently with my wife and her twin sister. They have a younger sister (Reyna)who married a Japanese man (Hakaru).

Both myself and my wife entered into the spirit of the night and had kinky fun with most of the other guests. But I always hoped that one day I would be lucky enough to fuck her.

She’s has long dark hair, blue eyes is 69 years old but looks a lot younger, her hair and make up is always done to perfection, and has lovely sensuous lips which look so inviting and I just want to plant … For all you guys who don’t believe that your wife would entertain the thought of fucking another guy, read on. My sis in law & I had been having an affair for several years.

Anyway i was in my undies and Andrea from the shop , assisted with the dress , i noticed she wasnt shy in touching my boobs and firm hands on my arse. My hubby encouraged me to go and discover what he refers to as, "my ultimate sexual experience." We agreed a while ago that we would both do this and about two months ago, after a lot of discussion, I decided to go and try to find it. The only thing is that there was no such yoga class. I have written a few stories on here because it seems the only place I can be absolutely sure of posting anonymously without creating an account and logging in. I went into a bar and got myself a drink and sat down and then looked over and saw there was a ma… I was married for 10years my ex divorced me because he said I was sexless ,he was the only man I had sex with ,he never wanted oral sex ,anyway after a couple of Years I meet this chap ,very attractive , I'm 5 ft5 in size 8 and told I'm nice looking ,we had been out a few times ,after an evening out back at my flat we started kissing and petting ,he was feeling my tits lifted up my jumper and sucked my nipples which I loved , I have never worn a b… Hi all, I’m Andrew and I’m married to Karen, we are both 42 and our sex life had slowed to us having sex about one or twice a month so we decided that we were in a good place in our marriage that we could try and sample the swinging life style. I’ve been reading stories about women with fetishes for older men so I’m going to tell you mine.

The Friday night in question involved me dressing up in my finery an heading out to a wine bar. It was just something I told my boyfriend so I could get Wednesday’s nights free to visit a new friend I have met in a coffee shop. Many years ago I got a ticket from a cop that lied so he could meet his quota for writing tickets. We tried a few swinging web sites sights and even sent some suggestive photo’s to a few couples., we had a great response but it was mainly people wanting sex with Karen. I’m 68 and married to Ann who’s 55 and for the last year we’ve been having fun with our soon to be daughter in law, I’ll call her Karen for this story. I'm going to continue the Dinner Lady series shortly but before I do, I'll tell you about another encounter I had during the time when L the dinner and I were in the chatting phase.

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At 10.00pm the music started and as hubby doesn't dance just chilled in the booth we were sitting in. Thank you all for the encouraging comments and messages.She messaged me to say her husband was going to a work colleges retirement the following Friday evening , It was an ideal chance to get some time together. She is 30 years old tall very slim and has with great legs and a wonderful tan.By the time Friday came around we were both in a high state … Being the only single people there we sort of just shared a drink and chatted away. We went to the theatre to watch School of Rock last week when we were in London. I wear them as often as I can and love the thought of another man in tights watching a bit of porn with me.It was a very good night, good conversation and drink flowed freely.Kinky games and flirting soon l,ed to a full on orgy. A few weeks ago my husband and I were out on the town.

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She seemed more than happy to stay with me and asked if we could eat together. Ben had bought me the black dress several months before. We were going out for a meal after the show so we were dressed up. Both of us stroking our cocks through the nylon material. Hello, I’m not going to give my name for reasons that will become clear but I’m 41, female and married with two grown up boys.

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  1. Perfekt, denn: Eine Studie des Albright College in Pennsylvania zeigte, dass Männer Frauen mit tiefen Stimmen erotisch und anziehend finden. Susan Hughes leitete die Untersuchung und erklärt das Ergebnis folgendermaßen: "Wenn eine Frau in einer tieferen Stimmlage spricht, scheint das vom Mann als ihr Versuch, verführerischer und attraktiver zu klingen, wahrgenommen zu werden – so dass er es als Zeichen für ihr sexuelles Interesse deutet." ...