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People think they know everything about you when you write about yourself online, but at the time, there was a lot I couldn’t share.” The piece ended, rather presciently, with a quote from her then-husband Jon about how much she discloses: “She has the ability to take a single episode and turn it into an epic, and then, if you go word by word and ask, ‘What did she reveal?

’ it’s really not very much.” Within a year, they announced their separation on the blog, which generated widespread media coverage.

Have you ever dealt with fans who’ve become overly invested? Most recently, when I published “Upward and Ahead,” I got this email from a woman who said, “This is the hugest betrayal, we’ve invested our time in you when we could have been following other bloggers, you owe it to us to continue,” and then added, “How dare you take your children away from us! I’d like to point out that that’s not an isolated instance. I love it when people ask, “What’s the point of a mommy blog? Now, a lot of mommy blogs are about documenting instead of storytelling. People were craving honest stories about parenting.

That sentence is funny to re-read because could anyone ever really rely on food blogging as a sole source of income?When she spent a few days in a psych ward with postpartum depression after the birth of her first daughter, her husband came to visit her and was handed a sheaf of handwritten pages, which she asked him to type and post for her.She’s written about depression, anxiety, and the challenges of parenting, but things got difficult when she and her then-husband separated.I’m not the former, for a while I was (uncomfortably) the latter, but now I have to stake out a new path as a food blogger and that’s what I’m trying to figure out."Via Kottke, who thinks I'm retiring.Now, If I read what I wrote correctly, I think it says (and stop me if I'm wrong), "I have no intention of shutting this space down.

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[Laughs.] I knew people would wonder and I felt like I owed it to my audience to be upfront.

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