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Then a few years later, sadly, Barbara was taken by 'the silent killer' (cervical cancer) and she died.They shared a mutual passion for Dire Straits and her funeral song was .At the end of Series 2, Sue - and Linda - are shocked and delighted in equal measure to discover that she has fallen pregnant.Now a mum of four, Sue is part of the furniture at the Warrington branch, doing her best to juggle the demands of parenthood with work gossip. They are as unattentive and unhelpful as is humanly possible - although the often bizarre demands of customers don't make it easy to act otherwise.She feels a bit guilty for leaving her Alan to cope alone at home but then again, he's becoming a proper little Gordon Ramsay - only without all the effing and jeffing.Life at Valco could be the beginning of a newly liberated Margaret - who knows?She's now won a great promotion and joined the Valco family as regional manager - Gavin's boss!Colin's hobbies include smoking, drinking, getting tattoos and that's about it.

Barbara made the excellent suggestion of Gavin taking her out for a meal and things 'just snowballed' from there which resulted in them marrying six months later - Barbara looked stunning in her bridal jodhpurs and crop.In the early series it is clear Colin and Lisa are made for each other and would make the perfect couple, if it weren't for the fact they can't stand each other... She is best mates with Linda, despite there being a bit of an age gap between them.In later series they do get together, which is disgusting for everyone who has to witness their public displays of affection. The pair regularly gossip about the other staff and customers, more often than not whilst eating on the job and perusing the celebrity magazines Valco is supposed to be selling!After being a Valco store manager for ten years, Series 2 saw Gavin promoted to a Head Office role as Area Manager.However, life on the road and a disastrous new Manager at Warrington threw a few spanners in the works.

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Gavin always remembers her with affection but we get the impression she was completely domineering (which probably attracted him to her) if not a bit scary.

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