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All of this is done with elevated permissions, but the ‘Modified By’ column will be that of the calling user.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this code, but I was not a C# programmer when I started and I knew nothing of Share Point event receivers and code-based modification. I would imagine, however, that an experienced programmer/Share Point Guru, would identify my messy bits and suggest better approaches (please do!

) especially with my method of extracting user IDs from the security columns, and the way I repeat the code for the Write and Read bits.

This has been designed to work with Document Libraries.

However, if they rename the folder with Windows Explorer, the event receiver doesn't fire.

I’m trying to obtain the HTTPContext within an Event Handler in a Document Library in MOSS, but all I have is a null value of the HTTPContext.

I got "Save conflict" error while updating that list item from workflow.The feature first looks for the columns, Write Security and Read Security; if it does not find both of them, it ignores the rest of the process and continues as normal.If it does find them both, it will check for data within those columns; if no data is present, the method will have the item inherit permissions from its containing library. But while updating I'm having this "save conflict" error. So in both the case what I found was that when we are calling List Item. Allow Unsafe Updates = false;//must set Allow Unsafe Updates to false if we are set it to true.2) (Usefull in from updating Item from event handler)Item[Field Name] = Field Value;this.

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Scenario 2: In one of my list in item handler I'm creating a sub site with the Title of the item.

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