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@sweet1993 This happens a lot on Skype, and I'm sure it's not just Americans who try to proposition people for sexual purposes.

The best thing is to make sure that you only add people you know in real life or a friend of someone you trust.

@sweet1993 If you want to practice speaking English, I suggest finding dedicated websites and local study groups.

I talk with tourists any tie I see them but I want to practice on a regular basis and every day but thank you for your advices :) @sweet1993 That kind of sexual harassment is a global problem, unfortunately.That is not all America has to offer, but like I said, the main ingrediants in the life of a typical American is money, sex, drugs, material things, and status.I hope when you decide to come here, you meet some people with values and an education. I just seems like the internet attracts the type of people who do this kind of thing.The guys in America are used to the girls being open to sexual interaction and overly flirtatious. Normal would mean that it is openly accepted by all people.The norm means that it happens regardless of if it is acceptable or not.

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