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I called on some of my old German friends and they all knew me at once. Nicholson and Nana, but they are up on the Hartz and will not be back until next week, so we were disappointed and I feel sure they will regret not seeing some one from home. In January, 1892, the old church burned and measures were taken at once to secure a new church. Duncombe, Misses Maude Lauderdale and Blanche Burnam. The fire gained a good start but was extinguished by a bucket brigade. “Such a manner of celebrating should be stopped,” said Mr. “The shooting of rockets onto dry shingle roofs should be made a punishable offense.

John and I went to view the battle ground of Leipzig, and we saw the fine monument Germany is erecting to the memory of this great victory. Walker was the next rector, and he began his pastorate by asking the vestry for a loan of 0 . The money on hand after the lot was sold and the insurance collected was ,900 (. Arthur were appointed with power to proceed with the original plans or adopt new ones. It endangers life and property and is absolutely inexcusable.” Some joy-riders, thinking to cause a little excitement, turned in an alarm from Third avenue south and 6th street about Thursday night.

He spent several years in prison after being convicted on kidnapping and assault charges, including the 1991 abduction and assault of a Rudd woman and the kidnapping of two toddlers from an apartment complex in Charles City, according to the Mason City Globe Gazette.

A building across the street from the hotel was struck by lightning and the more timid members of the family doubtless wished that they had not “left their happy homes.” Factory chimneys and church spires being conspicuous by their absence, the site of the Fort Dodge was proclaimed to the travellers by a flag floating from a flagstaff on the height of the hill now occupied by the S. He shaved himself, using a pail of water as a mirror.

They already have a small stone placed where Napoleon stood when commanding his army. The records show that they considered it so long that it was dropped. Plans were considered for a building to cost ,000 and the contracts were about to be let when Rev. At that time everything went slack and the new church matter was dropped. New plans were adopted and the present church as built. The fire truck made the run in fast time, which probably satisfied the celebrators, as no more trouble was encountered during the night.

It is all very interesting and as the morning was a bright, beautiful one our drive was very enjoyable. Carpenter were among the young men of whom the greater part of the population was then made up. The inhabitants of the town were settled in the old fort buildings and the Vincent family took up their abode in the theatre building, a relic of the soldier days. In April, 1893, the former plans were discarded and a new building committee, consisting of J. The architect was Clinton Nourse of Des Moines and the contract was let to Hepler and Brown. Tags: 1913, Duncombe Improvements have just been completed in the Mineral City mill and mine of the United States Gypsum company, which the officials of the company in this city claim, make it the most modern and best equipped mill in the country.

Dunning goes east Sunday night to buy buggy horses.

Miss Cornele Sherman has gone to Chicago to obtain treatment for her eyes. Coyle went to Cherokee, Thursday to assist in the services of ordination.

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He was fifty-three years old at the time of his death. Duncombe, but other plans have not yet been completed for the funeral. ( The Webster County Historical Society will hold their annual meeting at the Library association rooms at 8 o’clock Tuesday evening, July 9. I took John through the Auerbachshof, the wine cellar in which Goethe wrote Faust – made famous by Keller. His term of service was long and the church deeply regretted that failing health made his resignation necessary in 1904. A veritable shower of rockets began to fall about the hotel and W. Duncombe complained to the police; but before the celebration could be stopped a rocket lit on the roof of the hotel and burned a large hole in the south roof of the building.

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