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Describing the wife's 'complicated' relationship with Mr Smith, Mark Ryan, prosecuting, said: 'Miss Masters says or suggests the relationship was not sexual, describing them being like two girlfriends, who stayed up talking, drinking and sometimes taking cocaine into the early hours.'She was very comfortable with him.

She would sometimes be with him in her underwear or would go to the toilet in front of him.'However, as to whether the relationship had been sexual at all, Mr Smith claimed there had been 'a dabble once or twice', the court was told.

Onlookers were left baffled as the smartly-dressed man and a woman launched into a foul-mouthed argument in the town centre in Burnley, Lancashire.Mr Eccles, from Colne, Lancashire, said: 'There were at least a dozen people on the street but these two didn't seem bothered.'He seemed to be actually admitting it when she was accusing him of sh*gging the dog.It was so surreal.'I think the two of them had been drinking through the day and what seemed to have happened was that he got chucked out of the pub for saying he sh*gged a dog.'I couldn't tell if they were a couple but he was saying he'd rather sh*g his dog than the woman, so maybe they were.'They had no shame.Phillip Gale, 50, stabbed Andrew Smith in the chest and back then told police, 'Arrest me, I know what I've done', the jury heard.It was said Gale later told officers he attacked Mr Smith for giving his wife Jayne Masters cocaine, and asked them: 'Is that b****** still alive?

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'The husband was described as 'proud and boastful about what he had done'. The dentist, who claims he acted in self-defence, went on trial yesterday accused of attempted murder.

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