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Aoi becomes worried that Shūsei is missing school, and takes drastic measures.

Shūsei’s friends visit Aoi’s apartment so Aoi has to hide.

is an ongoing shōjo manga by Ayu Watanabe, serialized in the Japanese manga magazine Bessatsu Friend since 2009; it has been adapted into a live-action film that was released in 2014.

The story tells about the relationship between a high school girl, Aoi Nishimori, and the school prince, Shūsei Kugayama, when they come to share a small apartment.

Aoi Nishimori She has no reservations in confronting the school prince Shūsei Kugayama over her best friend Moe's confession rejection, but is surprised when Shūsei becomes her new next-door neighbor.

She is a capable cook, however, because of Shūsei's presence, she becomes careless and a fire erupts in his kitchen.

Aoi meets a pretty boy Shōta Komine who takes a liking to her, especially after seeing her at a dog park with Shūsei.Aoi’s female friends talk about what about fetishes about men’s bodies that turn them on, and it gets Aoi nervous when Shūsei tutors her and exhibits all of the above.Shūsei’s little cousin Momo visits and wants Shūsei’s affections at the water park.On their school field trip, busty language teacher Naomi Aota fawns all over Shūsei, which leaves Aoi with very little time with him.Shūsei’s older brother Soju visits and gives Aoi some advice on improving her chances with Shūsei with a kiss, but when the kiss situations fail, Soju proceeds to give her a kiss first-hand and then plans to try to make Shūsei jealous by visiting him and being affectionate with Aoi.

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During Wataru's welcome party, Aoi unintentionally ingests alcohol and wants Shūsei to do whatever he wants with her, but Shūsei takes offense.

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