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The episode closes with a conversation over the phone with Dr. Ruby is throwing an engagement party for an old friend named Anna.

Denny comes into town and Ruby does her best to control herself. Her gang surprises her with a dummy for her to beat up on.

During the episode, she weighs in, only to discover that she has gained even more weight.

Ruby & friends go to a show, where she meets a guy named Ian.

She then goes to Ken Paves and gets hair extensions.

She invites Ian to Ben's concert, then they go to a dream art gallery. The next day, Ruby has a discussion with her close friends about the date the previous night.

Ruby & the gang go out to LA to help Ben set up for music school. Ruby then speaks with Melissa and they go to a reiki session, where she starts blowing up with emotions.

Ruby's childhood friends show up and they have a dinner.

They get into a series of arguments, then they have a counseling session that ends in them agreeing to leave each other's life for good.

Ruby gets on the scale and discovers that she has gained 30 pounds.

The fourth season featured all hour-long episodes, including the pre-season special: Ruby: My Naked Truth.

In the series opener, Ruby, who is a nearly 500-pound woman, is told that her life is in danger if she doesn't exercise, change her eating habits and lose weight.

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