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The main issue with a Pisces partner where fidelity is concerned is his high propensity for infatuation.Despite his genuine love for you, he can easily get swept away by a mad crush on someone he doesn’t really care about, although most of the time this never develops into anything physical.How to Keep a Pisces Husband's Love Forever Respect your Pisces husband's sensitivity, treat him very gently, and offer him lots of emotional support.Never attempt to back him into a corner – too much pressure will drive a Pisces man away.This report is Copyright© Astro Reveal Ltd 2012-2017.Unauthorized use or duplication is strictly prohibited.

A big daydreamer, he tends to spend a lot of his time in a world of his own he’ll rarely let you into.Otherwise he could easily turn himself into a doormat to his children, which wouldn’t be healthy – either for him or for them.A Pisces father is unique among men in his ability to tune into his kids’ emotional needs, empathize with their pain and troubles, and openly express his feelings of warmth and affection.As a life partner, he’s amazingly tolerant and non-judgmental, has an extraordinary capacity for unconditional love and forgiveness, and would pardon you just about anything, no matter how much you have hurt him.A Pisces husband would sacrifice a lot to make you happy, often putting your needs and desires before his own.

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Emotional unfaithfulness can be a problem for a Pisces husband; sexual infidelity is much less common.

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