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From human texts the system parsed and responded from a wide variety of ways. It illuminated how popular simple chat interactions can be if prepared, produced, developed, and deployed appropriately and in interesting ways.This project gave me many ideas for future projects.

“But also I wanted it to be fun and engaging to represent who I am.”So we tried it. Sometimes it gets confused, but it quickly and readily admits mistakes, turning them into a positive—an excellent quality in a job candidate!It would also classify potentially NSFW content, thereby rating the image, and it would assign scores to the images completely arbitrarily. It is python code which runs a server on an Amazon EC2 server in a docker container with hooks to Amazon Rekognition image analysis.Images that scored higher would be then completely randomly ranked on a fictitious leaderboard. Additionally, there is a trained tensorflow model running for seeded generation, similar to the models used in my previous (and current) work in building an artificial improvisor.It would talk slightly coy and dirty, ask for (and send) photos (of sexy robots of course). Behind the card on a table sat a single flower and a tv/vcr combo playing old adverts for phone sex lines with this phone number dubbed over top.The game was that if the user sent an image to the bot, then it would classify the objects in an image, thereby ‘objectifying’ the user. Tech botrotica is a service that runs on a Twilio phone number.

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