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Relationships are tough, and there are so many obstacles you'll have to face.

But one issues that you should never have — especially early on — is feeling like the guy you're with doesn't really want to be with you.

But once I started to feel like myself again, it was nice to have a romantic interest around, at least so I didn't feel so alone.

In these "relationships," I knew things weren't really going anywhere.

He's just not into you enough to really do anything about it.

Maybe he wants to keep being single and play the field. Maybe he's about to leave the country for a year and is just trying to get some booty.

So if you have found yourself in a situation like Lindsey, then I have another question for you: what keeps you from trusting what the other person is communicating to you?Here's what Lindsey asked: I met someone who is not ready to date me. But he still acts like we're in a relationship, even though he consistently says "Let's just be friends," and reiterates how much he doesn't want a relationship. My answer to Lindsey is this: We all desire love and attention.Let's take a look at Lindsey's case: the man she is dating simply doesn't want to feel alone. Because she is there, and willing to continue being there for him.But when you're apart, you're constantly questioning if the guy even likes you.Not to say that the guy you're stressing over wasn't into you at some point or isn't into you now.

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During that time, I remember reconnecting with a past love.

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