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In addition to providing robust support for GDPR-related events and requests along with reporting, it demonstrates concepts around activity hubs and starter kits built using Share Point modern sites and the Share Point Framework. sp-pnp-js v3.0 release with fluent API for SP REST API and Graph access.

With the release of Share Point Server 2016 Feature Pack 2, organizations can now create modern client-side web parts using Share Point Framework.

Newly released Patterns and Practices reusable controls go further with direct integration with Share Point sites and data, and provide a library of extended control samples you can use within your projects.

0.38 looks trivial, but 0.39 will be slightly more delicate. Now if I execute the query "update person set _= 1 where id=2" I am getting error.I have added @Query Sql Field annotations for all fields in person and personpk POJO classes.community like you, you can expect that these projects will expand and grow to provide the standard productive API set and frameworks for working with Share Point for both on-premises and Office 365. The quickest path to a usable and consistent user experience is to build with existing, proven controls.The Office UI Fabric provides a foundation of fundamental controls designed for the Office 365 user experience.

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Now if I execute thequery "update person set _= 1 where id=2" I am getting error.

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