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He takes over Britannia and enforces the Virtues with an iron fist that turns them into tools of tyranny rather than merely aspects of the three cardinal principles of Truth, Love and Courage. Dubbed The False Prophet, it sees the Avatar returning to Britannia and immediately being set upon by a demonic looking group of gargoyles who have been terrorising the realm.

You're assigned to take care of them, as heroes do, and that works for a while.

Making things worse, by the time we get to Ultima IX, the Avatar ends up being responsible for not only the final destruction of the gargoyles' new home, the entire land of Pagan (to the point that in an early version of Ultima IX's story, the Guardian was able to torture Lord British just by showing him a clip-show of what his champion had gotten up to), and the ending is him threat that the Avatar isn't directly responsible for, and it's Ultima VII: Part 2, Serpent Isle. I'm willing to give it to him though, because while TECHNICALLY it only happened because Ultima III villain Exodus turned one of the three great serpents of reality into his personal doorman because the Avatar had killed his mommy and daddy, their crimes are on them. A Britannia without an Avatar however is arguably a far, far safer one in the long run.

At the very least, its problems would be less likely to be 'rip the cosmos apart' level threats as faced in the series.(I should add that a few of these things waver a bit in canon - the Avatar's nemesis in Ultima VII for instance, The Guardian, had a couple of suggested identities before being revealed as the Avatar's dark half.

Returning though, what he usually finds is a world of arrogance and hypocrisy; one where the people assume that living in a town devoted to Compassion means that they must of course be compassionate, and never mind whether or not they've just kicked out the poor and disenfranchised to a sewer town where even charity comes with a price.

This is of course sometimes part of the story - in the case of Ultima VII for instance, the population is being misled by an evil cult called the Fellowship and the psychic power of the Guardian, while in Ultima IX there are giant columns actively subverting the Virtues.

It wasn't the first RPG series I played, but very few before or since have been as meaningful. At one point, albeit patched out, doing so with the blood of a murdered man and feeding it to his grieving son. Or find a hundred ways to break the game systems over your knee for fun and profit.

In the first place, damn near everything that goes wrong is entirely, literally, the Avatar's fault. It however results in the creation of his nemesis, a godlike force of ultimate evil called The Guardian that conquers at least ten worlds while the Avatar is saving just the one, as well as creating no fewer than evil religions as dark mirrors of his own.

If we assume that the Avatar is also the Stranger From Another World who starred in Ultima I-III, Ultima V is also his fault, the Shadowlords and their brutal dictatorship having been spawned from shards left behind by his earlier monster hunting.

From there though, the series began getting more involved.

Ultima V for instance, while adding in a trio of evil called the Shadowlords, was narratively based on the subversion of those virtues - that there's a difference between the spirit and the letter of the law, as shown in the form of Lord Blackthorne.

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