Funny first message on a dating site

I just try to get their attention in the first message instead of writing a long winded specific message about something in their profile. I don't usually start off a post with the impact points right at the beginning.Girl's who visit your profile are much more inclined to want to meet, because they clicked on you for a reason (i.e.

Early nights in bed before 9pm aside, what is your ideal weekend like?Some girls respond well to complimentary openers, some don't. They usually have longer profiles, so look for something for an original joke.Some respond well to cocky, edgy openers some see right through that and call you out. Drone- this is the hardest for me because these girls want to keep everything boring and their profiles give you nothing to work with.I messaged this to a girl one time and she responded with "I don't have much on my profile, but thanks..blah blah".She had like 5-6 lines total on OKC but it doesn't matter.

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;)” Anyway, You seem pretty adventurous, so tell me this…

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