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But the day’s signature line came from Democrat Dianne Feinstein. So maybe they – and all the rest of us who seek to follow Jesus Christ — should turn up the volume.The senator worried to Barrett that “dogma lives loudly in you” – this, from a person whose dogmatic decibel level on abortion “rights” could break windows. A great many faithful Christians still let their convictions “live loudly” in their hearts and actions. # # # Editor’s Note: The complete text of the “Nashville Statement” can be found at Catholic and can also be found at Contact: Kenneth A.

Administration officials originally sought to overturn the ban in 2013, but the attempt prompted a backlash among social conservatives and religious groups who oppose taxpayer funding for such procedures.On the contrary: In its preamble and 14 articles, the text simply reaffirms historic biblical beliefs about marriage, chastity and the nature of human sexuality. A methodical effort is now playing out in the mass media to recast biblical truths as a form of “hate,” to reshape public opinion away from those biblical truths, and to silence anyone who stays faithful to Christian teaching on matters of sexual behavior, sexual identity, family and marriage.Critics might question its timing or structure or wording. In a normal time, though, the Statement would be a non-story. The message is simple: Conform to the new herd dogmas or enjoy the consequences.“It brings government policy in line with the science around transpeople’s health-care needs.” Although Medicare coverage is only for people 65 and older, and the transgender population makes up only about 0.3 percent of the U. adult population, private insurance plans often take their cues from Medicare on what should be considered a medically necessary covered treatment.As a result, the ruling is likely to open up more options for transgender individuals.

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The blanket Medicare ban was put in place in 1981 when such surgeries were considered experimental.

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