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Swordfish are a popular seafood and another fast-leaping species, although their speed is not well-known.

A calculation supposedly determined that they could swim at 60 mph, and some findings claim speeds of 130 kilometers per hour, which is about 80 mph.

They feed primarily on small bony fish and cephalopods.

For our first date Rod rode a 300 mile round trip to watch me compete in a charity race.

We have very high hopes for a long, happy future together.” “I first contacted Lisa after reading her profile; we started to message and agreed to meet in a local pub. She later met my family and was an instant hit with them all, my children loved her.

Swordfish are found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans and in the Mediterranean Sea.

These may be the most famous fish on this list due to the story of The Perfect Storm, about a swordfishing boat from Gloucester, MA that was lost at sea during a storm in 1991.

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