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Since opening its doors in 2011, restaurant KOKS has won the hearts of food lovers in the Faroe Islands and beyond.Now six years on, it has won the ultimate foodie accolade – its first Michelin star.There is a thriving and growing re­search culture in the Faroe Islands with several institutes, laboratories, muse­ums and private companies working on original research projects. Faroese researchers partic­ipate in many international networks, and the Faroese research and innova­tion landscape is to a large extent an­chored in international partnerships.There are also several Faroese researchers living abroad, as well as foreign researchers, who are engaged in research issues re­lated to the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands became formally as­sociated to the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in 2010, and Faroese researchers and institutes have led or taken part in a range of European projects in areas such as environment, climate change, ecosystems and fish­eries management.All Faroese people are registered in the so-called Genealogy Registry, which is a family tree of the Faroese people dating all the way back to the 17 century.The Faroese health care sector also have a special system that records health information, a joint digital health record, (THS as abbreviated in Faroese), and this means that Faroe Islands have cohesive public health services.

The University works closely with higher educational institutions in neighbouring countries on research and teaching, and it is involved in a growing number of collaborative projects and exchange programs with international all over the world.

The National Service Centre is located in Research Council Faroe Islands which is also the Bridgehead Organisation of EURAXESS Faroe Islands.

The Bridgehead Organisation coordinates the EURAXESS network of the Faroe Islands and is in charge of the EURAXESS Faroe Islands portal which provides information on practicalities to mobile researchers.

A Local Service Centre is located at the University of the Faroe Islands.

Read more about EURAXESS Faroe Islands The Faroese Research Council The Faroese Research Council administers the government-funded Research Foundation, which funds research, development and innovation connected to the Faroese context.

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