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If we have installed about 50 apps in our device, and even a fifth of them provide the update in a particular day, 10 of the apps need to get updated.This is nothing, if you have the unlimited internet service (the Wi Fi is usually unlimited, but not always though), and if you do not have much time to wait for your phone till it stops lagging or the internet becomes normal again, which is merely caused due to the update of the apps.We want you to explain how youcan disable automatically searches for new Android firmware updates on the Samsung Galaxy S6.Open the following submenu on your smartphone: Home Screen -- Software Update Here you will now find the "Automatic update".Past experience has shown that it is sometimes better if you are not the first to download the new firmware to your phone because there areare design changes, missingfunctions, error messages etc.That's why there are certainly some of you who would like to disable the automatic update feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6.Some other users might know the issue and won’t upgrade to a later version, but it seems irritating when the OS update prompt pops up every time.

In earlier versions of Windows, there’s an option to turn off automatic updates. If you are using Wi-Fi on your PC, then setting the Wi-Fi as metered connection can prevent downloading updates in the background.The appldnld.not only provides updates to OS but to other apps too, so you will not be able to download other software or updates if you block it.Probably from the back side of the router, you’ll find an IP address that will take you to the router settings page and a password.So, if you are one of the users who don’t need the auto-update of apps from the Google Play, you should have already known that you can disable it anytime, according to the way you want.But by chance if you don’t know the process on how to do it (which implies that you are a newbie on the Android platform), you can follow the given steps for the same: This way, you’ve now learned how to disable auto-update of apps from the Google Play Store.

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The apple servers mesu.and appldnld.are responsible for OS updates, where mesu.provides information about an OS update and appldnld.provides the update.

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