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I also have family in Dayton and UC was close enough to them that I still have support yet far enough away from my family that I felt independent. How did you come to choose Morocco as your location?

JS: In high school I did a study abroad in Germany.

What did the campus (or your program of study) offer that other colleges or campuses did not?

In the mean time, stay tuned for future profiles of students who are exemplifying what it means to be Proudly Cincinnati beyond the borders of UC’s campus.It will also give me more insight to Arabic and Islamic culture. JS: I have a grant from the study abroad office at UC called the UC International Student Grant.This will also help me greatly in getting an interpreting job. You have to be a full time student, have a GPA higher than a 2.0, and be studying abroad with a UC approved program.JS: I’m an International Affairs major with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies.I’m a senior this year and I hope to graduate either in June after returning from Morocco or in August.

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