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Marie Belloc Lowndes' novel and short story The Lodger was adapted for the stage as The Lodger: Who Is He? In 1917, Lionel Atwill's first role in Broadway theatre was as the title character.In 1996, a rock opera entitled Yours Truly: Jack the Ripper with lyrics by Frogg Moody and Dave Taylor was performed and, in a break from recent practice, portrayed the Ripper as an ordinary everyday man.Joy Browne addresses those complexities in Dating for Dummies. How do you present yourself in the most favorable light? (One interesting story Browne tells is of a couple who negotiated a weekend together, deciding whether or not they'd have sex, and under what conditions they'd consider marriage and children--all before their first date.) And how do you proceed from there?The process still comes down to chemistry, but Browne shows how many ways there are to make sure you get your best possible chance with Mr./Ms. While you wouldn't want to be caught dead reading either of these titles on the subway, they offer a study in contrasts.

Instead, the lodger's strange behaviour arises because he is a vigilante, trying to catch the real killer.

Nothing seems to be missed by Browne: she tackles breaking up, sex, and even the darker sides of dating, like rape and stalking. Lib, Boston Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. I had never dated until my late 20s because as a guy I never bothered to make the first move (thus very behind in skills)..then went and read this and found someone that I've been dating for quite awhile! I recomend it for anyone at any age who needs a starting point to get out there and get a life!

This excellent book's biggest drawback for libraries is its numerous "work form" sections, an invitation to certain patrons to make it their own. (*knocks on wood*, life is unpredictable of course.) I reviewed the book through the first 15 dates or so.

which is, less dating and more sex in these authors' minds? Men and women should avoid this book like a blind date with a cold sore, and libraries can pass. This is an eye opener regarding any relationship you will have or should not have.

By contrast and in keeping with the excellent "For Dummies" treatment of complicated subjects, psychologist Browne's book offers a professional, insightful, and very readable examination of dating? Browne covers every aspect of the basic mechanics of dating in the 1990s, from making your own personal inventory to help you discover who you are and what you want, to finding appropriate people to date, to actually conducting dates at various stages of relationship development. Everyone can pickup some good dating tips and insights from this book.

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