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Both of the other two Test playing nations, Australia and New Zealand were invited.Hayward had previously organised tours of the West Indies by England women, and it was from this region that the other two competing nations were drawn; Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.I'm a DD and got this in my tts 6 in tops and the girls are in lock down even in high impact workout. Move over energy bras this is a new fave :# #R&D)I purchased this bra the other day and have always been the girl who has had to wear x2 bra's (as i am an E cup).I wore this bra during netball the other night and felt so supported and strap down for the first time in a very long time! The only other bras I can manage to date have been the energy bra and all sports. Lulu has finally made a good bra for the larger cup sizes. This bra is designed for bigger cup sizes C/D and it works!My only complaint would be it's a little flattening due to the support but at least I won't get hit in the face when I'm doing RPM. Higher cut across the front and under the arms, wide band under the boobs and adjustable.), is a form-fitting undergarment designed to support a woman's breasts.

These three nations remained the only Test playing teams in women's cricket until 1960, when South Africa played a number of matches against England.

After years of searching I can't tell you how happy I am to find the Oxygen bra.

It is so comfortable and the major bonus is that it looks great.

I took a gamble and purchased this on clearance size 12.

This bra is a winner and provides excellent coverage and support.

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The ICC Women's Cricket World Cup is the oldest and most prestigious international women's cricket tournament.

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