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Avoid Poseidon men, unless you think Courtney Love enjoyed scraping Kurt Cobain's brains off the wall.

Just as Aphrodite is a combination of two goddesses, her marriage involves two gods. Aphrodite women love the beautiful things Hephaestus men make for their wives.

Ares is represented in astrology by Aries (courage, initiative, independence, and the will to exist), the 1st House (of the Self, or establishing one's identity), and the planet Mars. Hephaestus men are nerdy-good with machines or computers, but not with people.

They can be insensitive about their powerful creations hurting people.

E.g., Robert Oppenheimer and the atomic bomb, or Bill Gates building his empire. Take him to a weird party, and he'll act like an anthropologist visiting an exotic tribe- observing, occasionally talking to people, but staying detached and emotionally uninvolved.

To meet Hephaestus men, go to a computer conference or Star Trek convention.

When an Aphrodite woman's body signals that it's out of balance, she looks for an opportunity to experience the pleasure of returning to homeostasis. Her pains and pleasures are immediate, not some time in the future.

They'll have fun for a while, but the marriage will lack commitment.An Ares-Hephaestus-Aphrodite marriage works hard and plays hard.On weekdays, Hephaestus and Aphrodite get the work done that's necessary for homeostasis (e.g., food, shelter, clothing).Marital success for an Aphrodite woman requires bringing out the Hephaestus in her Ares man, or the Ares in her Hephaestus man. If you don't want TV crews asking why your sons blew up their high school, have your Ares husband channel your sons' energy into Hephaestus skills (e.g., building a really cool car for Mom). He'll need a lot of practice before he's ready to lead you on a dance floor.To bring out the Ares in your Hephaestus nerd, suggest that he buy a motorcycle. But when he figures out that leading means that you'll do whatever swings and spins he wants you to do, watch Ares come out.

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Aphrodite is represented in astrology by Leo (outward expression, seeking attention), the 5th House (of Children, and recreation), and the planet Venus.

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  1. Usually in another case there is pressure from family to date out a girl they have selected for them and in order to find out that how that girl or boy is they take them out, talk to each other and then a final decision is made if they want to continue or go for another option.