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The rapid brewery expansion will "definitely hit the top of the curve; at a certain point it sort of corrects itself," Siss said.But, he believes the state can support more, geographically, if the beer quality is up to par.Despite the currently fluid nature of Connecticut's burgeoning landscape, Siss's book is still perhaps the most comprehensive modern look at the state's beer industry, featuring profiles of local brewers, brew pubs and restaurants and bars that focus on craft brews."Connecticut Beer" is part of the History Press "American Palate" series, joining other books chronicling regional beer scenes across the country.A lot of smaller breweries are opening up; I think that's the model that's going to work.""Connecticut Beer" profiles each state brewery in chronological order according to the years they were founded, starting with the venerable New England Brewing in Woodbridge.

At press time, another half-dozen breweries were in the planning stages, or were just about ready to officially open.

"I think it would be wonderful if everybody was within 20 minutes of a brewery…Certainly at a certain point, the product has to be good.

People are not just going to go because you're close and you have a fun name for your beer.

We’re not saying that you date a Connecticuter for their/their friends’/their family’s beach or lake house. Connecticut has some of the best public schools in the country and several top-rated universities, such a Yale University, Connecticut College, and University of Connecticut.

So, if you’re dating a Nutmegger, you’re bound to have a profoundly intellectual relationship.

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