Configuration options for updating the os

You can query the status of the update as follows: If the Scheduler is still restarting, DC/OS will not be able to route to it and this command will return an error message. You can also go to the Services tab of the DC/OS GUI to check the status of the restart.

Windows 10 has finally launched worldwide and now I am ready to start updating my boot images for deployment so what’s next…

Some changes, such as decreasing the number of nodes or changing volume requirements, are not supported after initial deployment. The instructions below describe how to update the configuration for a running DC/OS service.

Enterprise DC/OS 1.10 introduces a convenient command line option that allows for easier updates to a service’s configuration, as well as allowing users to inspect the status of an update, to pause and resume updates, and to restart or complete steps if necessary.

from when the service was last installed or updated is not available, you will need to manually recreate it using the following steps.

First, we’ll fetch the default application’s environment, current application’s environment, and the actual template that maps config values to the environment: You will receive an acknowledgement message and the DC/OS package manager will restart the Scheduler in Marathon.

First download the bits from the msdn page all the way at the bottom.

so that we are at a consistent version in all locations.After making a change, the scheduler will be restarted and will automatically deploy any detected changes to the service, one node at a time.For example, a given change will first be applied to , and so on.Nodes are configured with a “readiness check” to ensure that the underlying service appears to be in a healthy state before continuing with applying a given change to the next node in the sequence.However, this basic check is not foolproof and reasonable care should be taken to ensure that a given configuration change will not negatively affect the behavior of the service.

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Below are the sample commands needed to create boot images utilizing DISM that can then be Imported into Configuration Manager.

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